About Eric


Hello, my name is Eric and this is my blog.

On this site, I share everything I have learned about webinar marketing and how to use it to grow a business multi-fold. After quite some trials and errors, I managed to become a highly effective entrepreneur without sacrificing my soul or working like a robot.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Throughout my life, I always wanted to start an online business and be able to work from anywhere around the world. But due to self-doubt, I could never take the first step.

After working tirelessly in my digital marketing career, I finally took the decision to quit and start something of my own.

No, don’t get me wrong. I’m not here to bitch about the 9-5 lifestyle and its downsides. Instead, loved my job as a marketer and I truly believed in my skills. But, I wanted to work under a “boss-free” environment and be able to take a call aka to become an online entrepreneur.

Fast forward to a few years, I launched and scaled my business to a comfortable position where I’d feel proud to introduce myself as the business owner.

As my business grew, my customer base grew too, and to handle the work, I opted to hire a remote team. I didn’t want to limit the skill set of my team restricted to a certain physical area so the remote team was the best way to go for my business.

However, as they say, with great powers come great responsibilities.

To manage my business, I now had to arrange virtual team meetings and ensure the proper workflow.

At the same time, I also got to know about how effective webinars are in marketing a business and making more sales.

So, I naturally wanted to host webinars to test how it can grow my business and help me get more clients. After all, that’s what a marketer does – finding effective methods to grow a business.

After a bit of research, I found that there are dozens of webinar platforms available in the market, each claiming to be the best. Moreover, each of those had somewhat different features and varying price ranges.

Since I was a beginner, I decided to go with the cheapest solution. Oh boy! That was a huge mistake which I’m still shy to talk about.

While the pricing and features looked promising, the technology behind it was unreliable. The webinars or online meetings will often lag, crash in the middle, and had a very bad user experience overall.

For my first webinar, there were less than 20 participants (I know that’s very low, but you need to start somewhere!) And my webinar platform couldn’t even handle that properly. What’s more, it would also constantly lag and even crash when we were having team meetings and the experience was frustrating.

I switched to another webinar platform that was slightly more expensive than the previous one and promised better features. While my overall experience was better than before, I wasn’t completely satisfied due to a lack of marketing features.
And just like that, I ended up testing several of the popular as well as lesser-known webinar platforms in my hunch to find the best webinar platforms.

I have been testing webinar software for over 3 years now and it has become more like a hobby now. I have started to like putting newer webinar platforms to test and write a review about it based on my personal experience.

First, it helps me find better webinars and virtual meeting platforms that can grow my business. Second, I get a chance to help those who are in a similar position as me but don’t want to go through all the testing.

You can find my list of top 16 best webinar platforms right here. It’s a long read where I have shared my take on top webinar platforms, webinar hosting tips, webinar marketing strategies, and everything else you’d want to know.

Which webinar platform are you using right now?

My current favorite webinar platform is WebinarJam and I have been using it to host all of my live webinars for months. It’s very reliable and offers industry-leading features to help you market products and engage properly.

However, it doesn’t allow automated (evergreen) webinars so for that my top pick is EverWebinar. I use the auto-recording feature on WebinarJam and then host it on EverWebinar so that it can be accessed anytime (and make passive sales.)

Is Webinar Marketing Worth It?

Yes, it’s 100% worth of your time and money spent.
I’d agree that it is quite an all-in, but in the end, webinars are super-effective. My theory behind why webinars work so much better is probably due to the connection you build.

In other marketing strategies, you don’t get to actually have face-to-face communication with your potential customers.

On the other hand, webinars are a more committed form of marketing as the audience is willing to make time out of their schedule and listen to you. It makes a huge difference as you now have a lot longer time frame to explain, convince, and turn the audience into a paying customer.

But, Why Should I Listen to You?

Everything you’ll find on this website comes from my years of personal experience and what I learned from hosting multiple successful as well as failed webinar events (also known as virtual summits.)

In addition to reviewing the webinar software, I also share verified growth tips that can help you host better webinars. And all of that information is available for free to you – there are no paywalls or subscriptions that locks you out.

I also like to engage with my readers in the comment section. So, if you have doubts about anything related to webinar platforms, feel free to add a comment.

All in all, if you want to grow your business through webinars, this blog should be on your reading list. I’d also recommend you to bookmark this website since I often update my reviews when new features are released.

Thank you for reading. To your success!